if you’ve been in business very long, you know that marketing “magic” doesn’t happen in a day.  It takes work, and testing, and more work, and more testing before start seeing results.

So why do so many business owners pay “consultants” and “marketing gurus” a thousand, five thousand, even ten thousand dollars to implement a single marketing strategy and then disappear?

We Help Entrepreneurs Significantly Grow Their Businesses By Creating Powerful Marketing Strategies, Implement Best Practices, and Working with You on a Monthly Basis to Ensure Your Profits Continue to Skyrocket

Let’s face it…as a business owner your time is seriously limited. You can’t spend hours learning the latest marketing or dream up a new marketing strategy. That’s why you’re looking for someone to convert your so-so marketing into a flood of new leads and sales.

Unfortunately, most business owners hire experts who:

  1. Spend a few hours learning about their business,
  2. Create a marketing strategy (usually based off a plan they’ve used in the past),
  3. Charge thousands of dollars, and then 
  4. Disappear

Now, after working with your expert, you might possibly see an increase in activity. But eventually, that activity wears off. Or…you find you’ve attracted the wrong people. Or…you want to continue seeing improvements but don’t want to pay thousands of dollars again.

Ideally, your marketing expert would set you up with:

  • A strategy (including your target market, message, and a plan for interacting with prospects and customers through the entire customer lifecycle)
  • A plan to ensure things are getting done on time and within budget
  • Data to figure out what’s working and what’s not
  • A method for testing new ideas and tactics for continual improvement

These elements need to work together to build a repeatable and scalable marketing system.

If any of the elements is missing, then you’re relying on hope – “I hope something works,” “I hope things turn around,” “I hope this shiny new object is the answer.”

One shot strategies (thrown together in 2 or 3 days by your consultant) could work, but the chances are about as good as winning a lottery ticket. The better bet is to hire someone who’s as invested in making your marketing work as you are.

That’s why we created the ultimate marketing plan. We believe in the process of:

We have made it our mission to work with entrepreneurs to set up their marketing systems and diligently monitor and continuously improve it.

Most of our customers have said that we go well beyond the marketing function when we work with them. Here’s what some of them have said:

Georgeanne Bryant, Frances

Georgeanne Bryant, Frances

Bringing Piyush in to analyze, pinpoint our strengths and weaknesses, and help put a plan into action that has been one of the best business decisions I have made to date. He has used his leadership skills to partner with my staff to map out our processes for growing the business, strategize with us all and really propelled us in a way none of us knew was possible.

Piyush has looked at my company with care and enthusiasm; brought his own unique set of creative skills in helping us lead the way to organized growth and doing it in a way that is parallel with our core values and inspiring for my staff and myself. He is dedicated to always digging deeper into what makes our company tick and what will be the right decision for moving us forward to future success.
— Georganne Bryant, Frances
I hired EngineerYourBusiness as I needed some help implementing Infusionsoft. As Piyush became involved with my business, he noticed some opportunities we could capitalize on to increase our conversion rates and retention numbers.

With a hobby turned into a business, I came with a certain skill set, but the next level of success has eluded me. With Piyush’s guidance and background we are measuring the business drivers and implementing systems so we can automate processes that will eventually increase revenue. After 14 years in business, we are building a solid foundation based on numbers and results that we can measure. The next level of success is only a tweak away with Piyush’s help. The future looks bright!!…”
— Laurie Meyer, CouponSense
Laurie Meyer, CouponsSense

Laurie Meyer, CouponsSense

Here’s the bottom line: you need someone to make your marketing work. And not just work, but significantly improve your sales. Now, you can hire someone who will give you some great ideas and help you get something in place. Or…you can hire someone who will stand by you while that something turns into profits.

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