2017 PAG Application

1. Why do you want to serve on the 2017 Partner Advisory Group? *This question is required.

Serving on the PAG group would be an honor for several reasons:

  1. I want help partners succeed – there is no reason for partners to re-invent the wheel each time a new partner joins the community.  We can jump start their progress with tools and learnings that the partner community has gathered over the years.  
  2. Being part of the PAG group allows me to participate and influence the rollout of initiatives to partners to help them succeed.  
  3. I am able to hear the issues that Infusionsoft and the Partner team may have in helping partners succeed – and be part of the process of creating and implementing solutions
  4. I believe there are three types of people – those who complain about issues, those who complain but come up with ideas for issues, and those who actually implement the solutions.  I do complain but I also come up with ideas and implement solutions to overcome the issues.  I would serve/lead initiatives on the PAG team to address issues and deliver on opportunities.
  5. I get to work with other leaders in the partner community to innovate and continuously improve
  6. I want to be part of the group that helps Infusionsoft realize its vision for Partners

2. What do you believe is the role of the Partner Advisory Group? *This question is required.

PAG serves two roles: 

  1. The voice of the “customer” for infusionsoft i.e. providing Infusionsoft leadership with a representative voice of the Partner sentiment 
  2. The leaders of the Partner Community i.e. supporting partners to help them succeed – through regular open communication and leadership support.  

3. How do you currently participate as a leader in the global Infusionsoft Partner community? *This question is required.

I have worked with partners and the Infusionsoft Partner team in the following ways:


  • Advisory role to several partners in the community to help them grow their business
  • Setup the Partner Niche group in 2012-2013 where I helped Partners build their Niches
  • Participated in several Words of Wisdom sessions for new batches
  • Presented at Business Booster and Training programs that the Partner Team manages 

Infusionsoft Partner Team:

  • Helped the Partner team with brainstorming ideas and implementing (see this list I had sent Kara in 2015 – several of them have been implemented)
  • Worked at 13 Infusionsoft accelerators and helped the Infusionsoft Accelerator team other partners at those accelerators
  • Worked with Andy Simmons on the global growth especially in Asia

4. Have you ever received or been nominated for an award by Infusionsoft?  Which one(s)?

I gave a 10-min talk at PCON 2013 and was awarded the 2nd most influential Partner at that PCON

5. In what way do you believe Infusionsoft's Partner Program could innovate and improve?

I sent an email to the Partner team back in August 2015 with these areas of improvement – some of them have already been implemented which is encouraging for two reasons – the ideas were implemented and the ideas were relevant and are still relevant:

  1. Offer a crash course in Infusionsoft basics - not all ICPs know how all the modules work 
  2. Provide a second level of certification for ICPs looking to grow their business quickly - An Accelerator to the Elite Forum
  3. Create a Regional ICP program (RICP) in different parts of the globe 
  4. Create a Sales-centered certification and implementation-centered certification 
  5. Add business process and management training in the course 
  6. Setup ICP's Infusionsoft - an ICP kickstart after they get trained and certified
  7. Create Industry-specific (vertical) certification
  8. Provide guidelines for best practices - Sixth Division/Tyler Garns type of processes to setup campaigns, naming conventions, etc 
  9. Create internal directory of ICPs with expertise and interests (in addition to the external marketplace) 
  10. Setup a buddy system for new ICPs to work with prior ICPs

6. What is Infusionsoft's greatest opportunity for improvement in order to remain competitive in the global marketplace, and how will you contribute as part of the Partner Advisory Group to help us achieve success?

Here are opportunities I see for Infusionsoft to remain competitive and relevant:

  1. International growth – especially in Asia
  2. Strengthening the partner community – by finding partners that fit
  3. Improving the current partner aptitude and performance
  4. Finding niches and positioning partners to fulfil on those niches
  5. Intelligent campaigns – improving data analytics within the system
  6. Identifying influencers in other countries and setting up partnerships with local partners
  7. Create a Regional ICP program (RICP) in different parts of the globe
  8. Provide guidelines for best practices using top partners’ processes

While these are great ideas (and I’m sure there are several others out there) I feel my initial goal as a PAG member is to identify and document the following:

  1. Purpose, Values, and Mission for PAG
  2. Where we have been and where we are going – and communicate it clearly to everyone in the community
  3. Define the Quarterly Priorities and SMARTs for PAG

The above may already have been done but I didn’t find it when I searched for it.

7. Which of Infusionsoft's Core Values is your favorite and why?

We Innovate and Constantly Improve.  I believe this is the fundamental process of any life and business function – to constantly review where things are and improve them so we can get better – whether it is in a very tactical setting – say improving the way we greet our clients – to innovating and improving around the product and strategy.  My favorite quote comes from Yoda – Do or Not Do – There is not Try.  I’m an action taker and I see our team and company made up of action takers who make things happen and learn from our mistakes and keep improving.  Let’s constantly review how the Partners are doing and how are Partner programs are working – and improve them.  Marketing is about testing and improving – so is business and life.

8. If selected for the 2017 Partner Advisory Group, what unique perspective will you bring to the group?

Not only have I have been a partner for the last 6 years but I have been actively engaged in many areas of Infusionsoft’s operations – IKOP, Support, Coaching, Accelerators, App Dev, Global Forum, and of course the Local and International Partner Sales Team.  Our team now also has a strong presence in Asia with 40 employees dedicated to supporting Infusionsoft clients globally so I consider myself a hybrid between a partner and employee – I almost feel like an employee because I am at HQ at least 2-3 times a week and enjoy your coffee.  I live 4 miles from Infusionsoft so it is easy for anyone at Infusionsoft to get to me.  From a Partner’s perspective, I have now built a business and lifestyle that other partners want to get to and I’ve only been able to do this because I am a Partner at Infusionsoft – I could not have done this without being a Partner.  I will continue to grow and improve but would also like to help other partners do the same.  Over the years I have also worked directly with leaders all levels at Infusionsoft including Scott Martineau, Elizabeth Pitt, Andy Simmons, Amanda Souders and dozens of other Infusionites on a daily basis.  Obviously I will continue to do this but getting a deeper connection through PAG would make my contribution even more effective.